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We accelerate the delivery of your enterprise software applications to your customers.

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Our History

In 2019, amid the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 lockdown, our visionary founder, Mr Hardikkumar Surani, embarked on a mission to make a difference in the world. With a strong desire to create job opportunities during uncertain times, JKL Infotech LLP was born. The company name pays homage to Mr. Hardikkumar Surani's grandfather, Mr. Kanji Lakha, whose legacy of societal contributions inspired our journey.

Initially, we grappled with the dual challenges of finding skilled talent to join our startup and gaining the trust of clients as a relatively small business. However, with resilience and determination, we overcome these hurdles. Today, with over nine clients and more than 25 projects executed in a short span, we've grown into a dynamic team of 30 to 50 professionals.

Our journey began with backend development services, but we quickly diversified into front-end technologies, customized solutions, and consultancy services.

Our foundational belief that good intentions yield positive outcomes drove our early hires and garnered trust from clients, marking a pivotal turning point in our history. Today, our success stories are anchored in the Healthcare, Accounting, and Security domains

Throughout our history, the values of ethics and holistic well-being encompassing mental, physical, and spiritual wellness have been instrumental in shaping our journey. These values continue to guide us as we look toward a promising future.

With determination, innovation, and a commitment to our core values, JKL Infotech LLP has evolved into a dynamic force in the digital realm, impacting lives and forging a path to success.

Our Vision

We tackle every problem like an exciting challenge and integrate contemporariness into our innovative solutions. We envision to impact lives meaningfully by transforming the digital sphere with our unique approach and services.

Our Mission

We implement a supportive work culture that aids our team in planning and executing solutions that are simple yet ingenious. In our mission to help every business surpass its goals, we make use of the latest technological tools in the market with utmost precision, determination and efficiency.

Who we are | JKL Infotech

Who Are We?

JKL Infotech LLP is an innovative force in the digital realm, embracing challenges as exciting opportunities for transformation. With a vision to impact lives meaningfully, we infuse contemporary thinking into our solutions.

We pride ourselves on a supportive work culture that empowers our team to craft ingenious yet simple solutions. Our mission is to help businesses surpass their goals by leveraging the latest technological tools with precision and efficiency. thics, Quality, and well-being are the cornerstones of our core values.

We specialize in serving the Healthcare & Fitness, Accounting, and Security domains, offering consultancy services as industry experts. Our remarkable success in these domains reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and our role as a technical partner, enabling other companies to enhance their services and products. At JKL Infotech LLP, we are dedicated to fostering progress, innovation, and excellence.


Our Leadership

Discover the heart of our organization through the stories, skills, and shared commitment of our dedicated team.

Hardikkumar Surani | JKL Infotech

Hardikkumar Surani

CEO & Founder

Hardikkumar Surani, our CEO and Founder, is a dynamic leader who blends technical prowess with exceptional sales acumen. His multifaceted expertise drives our success, while his core values of Ethics, Quality,and Well-Being define our company's culture. Hardikkumar ensures that quality permeates every aspect of our business, guided by ethical principles. Moreover, he prioritizes the well-being of our team and stakeholders, fostering a culture of care and excellence. Under his visionary leadership, we thrive on these values, setting industry standards for excellence.

Kalpana Surani | JKL Infotech

Kalpana Surani

Co-Founder & CTO

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Kalpana Surani, played a pivotal role alongside Hardikkumar in building our company. Her six years of marketing experience and versatility are indispensable. Kalpana's dedication, self-motivation, and passion for learning inspire our team and drive innovation. Her support and leadership complement Hardikkumar's vision, making her an essential part of our success story.

Abhishek Mishra | JKL Infotech

Abhishek Mishra

Chief Operation Officer

A consummate team player and motivator, Abhishek Mishra consistently inspires our teams to reach new heights. His exceptional learning abilities, unmatched work speed, and unwavering commitment to quality set him apart. As Chief Operating Officer (COO), he not only oversees his team's activities but also plays a vital role in overall management, ensuring seamless operations and driving our organization towards excellence. Abhishek's leadership style exemplifies dedication and efficiency, making him an invaluable contributor to our company's success.

Fahim Merchant | JKL Infotech

Fahim Merchant

Chief Technology Officer

Fahim Merchant embodies an unwavering commitment to our organization's triumph. His heartfelt dedication and over a decade of experience in the IT industry have been pivotal to our growth since inception. Fahim's relentless pursuit of excellence through research, development, and a perfectionist mindset continues to propel us toward success. As a technically proficient team player, Fahim remains a driving force, guiding our organization's path and making him an invaluable cornerstone of our achievements.

Amit Prajapati | JKL Infotech

Amit Prajapati

Team Lead

With over 8 years of experience, Amit Prajapati takes the helm as the leader of our Backend Department. His role extends beyond management as he shoulders end-to-end responsibilities for the team and office. Amit is a client expectation maestro, adept at ensuring our commitments are met by the team. His remarkable team-player spirit, unwavering support, and dedication to ethical practices make him an invaluable asset to both his team and our organization.


Our Portfolio

Discover our company's rich tapestry of success through our project portfolio, where each project is a testament to our dedication and expertise.

TGG Accounting | JKL Infotech
TGG Accounting | JKL Infotech

TGG - Accounting

TGG is a leading provider of outsourced accounting and business advisory services for small to mid-size businesses across industries. They provide outsourced accounting to small and mid-size clients from diverse industries. We work with companies who have between $1-$100M in revenue.







Lambda Function




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Brian Johnson

United States

Electronic care giver | JKL Infotech
Electronic care giver Addison | JKL Infotech

ECG - HealthCare

It began quietly and with great intensity. Behind the scenes, we started the plan to improve the way care and support is delivered and managed for patients – from children to adults, and especially our underserved and rapidly expanding aging population.

.Net Core

EF Microservice

Mongo DB




API Integrations



client img

Andrew Scott

United States

Keynius B.V. | JKL Infotech
Keynius B.V. | JKL Infotech

Locker Management - Security

Our beautiful, solid lockers and innovative software provide you with a distinctive locker system for every situation, application and environment. Safe storage of personal belongings, issue of products, sale of products, lending or renting company resources, distributing packages… it’s a breeze with our unique locker systems. Of course easy to manage and use via our smartphone app or online.

.Net Core


Hardware Service Integration


Azure Function


Service bus

client img

Christopher Miller